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In the Triest district theagriculture sector plays a minor role, due to a limited territory.Compared with the sector, there is an extremely high number of oilproducers in the area, which can be deduced through the registerspresent by the local grinding plants and which varies each year betweenthe 500 and 600 units. Such number, if compared with productions,varying over the past years between the 20 and 40 tons of oil, can makeus infer the situation of Triest producers. For the most part,olive-growers produce between 20 and 50 kilos of oil each.

Such numbers are noteworthy for two reasons: firstly, because onlyfew companies carry out a market-based production (less than twenty ofthem bottle it) and therefore, finding Triest oil is already a luckyevent in itself; secondly, a high number of people living in the Triestcountryside is deeply concerned and dedicated to the tradition ofextra-virgin olive oil and its territory, witness the fact that growinga few olive trees to gather its fruits, grinding the latter ones toproduce oil in such small amounts can only be the result of a firmwilligness to produce one’s own oil and through this be rewarded of allthe hard work.

List of Tergeste DOP producers 2006/07:

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