history of olive-growing in the triest district
d.o.p. »tergeste«
producers and productions
the local variety
national association »citta' dell'olio«


The peculiar and typical feautures of extra-virgin oils of the Triest district have in the recent past spurred a group of producers on to activity aimed at enhancing and in the meantime guaranteeing quality.

The year 1999 saw the official creation of a committee bearing the name of “Comitato Promotore della Valorizzazione dell’Olio di Oliva Extravergine di Trieste”  (Promoting Committee for the Enhancement of the Triest Extra-virgin Olive Oil).

The following year the Committee outlined and proposed a regulation which was sent to the competent ministerial bodies for being approved and with the objective of obtnaining DOP(Protected Designation of Origin) certification.

The administrative procedure has now come to an end with the regulation pubblication on the European Union Official Gazzette and soon the presence of the “TERGESTE” oil among protected varieties within the Community will be officially communicated.
The regulation, a complete version of which is available on the relevant website, envisages all the standards to produce an oil with its traditional and particular features. Features related to colour, fragrance, taste and the chemical properties derived from the latitude, from the peculiarity of soils and the local method of production.

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