history of olive-growing in the triest district
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The peculiarity of each good product calls for official acknowlegdment. Concerning extra-virgin olive oil, the regulation envisages, besides the measurement of chemical-physical criteria, the sensory analysis carried out by expert tasters.

In the Triest district, when enhancing the product of olives seemed appropriate, a tasters training course was simultaneously introduced, for those who in the future will have the task to acknowledge and give credit to the quality of the oil produced in the surrounding areas.

Since then two propedeutic courses have taken place (physiologic ability to taste olive oil) and tens of official tasting sessions for the training of tasters with the necessary and cautious intervention of local public bodies. There are currently a bit less than 30 people of the Triest district enrolled in the regional list of tasters. They are training to create an experts panel and ask the Ministry concerned for its official acknowledgement.

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